Choosing a flyrod

A lot of factors influence the best choice of rod and I will be pleased to offer suggestions based on your fishing requirements.

I cannot stress strongly enough the benefit to be had by trying several rods before selecting what suits you. Everybody casts with their own style and some tapers will not match your approach whilst others may be a perfect fit.

Most people used to using carbon rods will prefer the faster actioned cane rods although even these will feel different generally taking longer to load and requiring less in the way of split second timing. The GR taper is perhaps the most popular in this range but for those that really enjoy the speed of graphite the TLT style may suit. Others who like the old style cane rods and yearn for say a CC de France will prefer the parabolic rods popularised by Charles Ritz as exemplified by Paul Young and Pezon et Michel.

Anglers with a relaxed casting style but who want the ability to alter loops shape and presentation will find medium action, Garrison style, tapers rewarding.

For those who welcome a technical approach as well as physical impressions I can show you the stress curves for the different styles of rod or a graph of the predicted deflected shape.

Send me your queries and I will get back to you, better still book an appointment.

Image: Four rods

I wouldn't really recommend an 8ft #5 for a monster like this but it did the job in some style.

Image: Mean

Image: Two well used

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