Rodmaking supplies

As I am scaling back my rodmaking I will be offering several items for sale starting with some butt ferrules for coarse rods.  These are CNC machined from solid aluminium and they are threaded to the standard 3/8in BSF.

As you will see from the pictures they are slightly smaller than the bog standard item so that the end of the cork tapers in slightly.  They can therefore be used for a range of cork diameters.

length             0.98"   (25mm)
Max OD         0.865"  (22mm)
Min OD          0.709"  (18mm)
ID at entry      0.745"  (19mm)

These are for sale at £5 each plus p&p.


Standard form  on the left FCR pattern on the right for sale.


As fitted to one of my Coarse rods and with an H&H rubber button.


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