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I am required to declare what information I hold and what it is used for.

Details stored are name, address, telephone number and email address.

This is standard practice for any commercial web site, and I undertake not to make this information available to any 3rd party organizations under any circumstances unless specifically authorised to do so.

This data is kept as part of the communication undertaken during my work for you.  It is only used to contact you regarding the project that you have commissioned.  It is not processed or used in any marketting initiative.

I retain this information so that if there is any future problem with a rod I can easily access the details of its construction.
Should you want me to delete any or all of this information just let me know and I will do so.


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New fly rods

I can accurately quote a price for my regularly made range of custom fly rods and this will normally be in the range shown on the "flyrod range page" for two piece rods. The price I quote after agreement of details is fixed and includes a soft rod sack and ferrule plugs.

Delivery is charged at the postal cost plus the cost of a heavy duty tube but I do not charge for packing. Rods are shipped insured for their sale price and the price I quote for shipping will always include this.

For coarse rods I will quote once all details have been agreed but due to the larger variations in cost I do not have a standard range. All coarse rods are purpose designed although I am developing a broad range as can be seen from the Coarse rods page.

I insure all items shipped in the post as I cannot be responsible for their delivery. For some anglers collecting in person is the only acceptable way and I am happy to oblige.


Restoration costs are based on my estimate of time and material costs. I have given up suggesting an hourly rate as the time taken for each repair varies and I always work to a fixed price anyway. At the time of accepting a commission I will quote a fixed cost and this will not be increased for the agreed scope of work, I accept the risk of any problems that may occur. I will supply a written report at the time of quoting and this will describe all of the work to be undertaken. My liability for this sort of work will be limited to the agreed value of the rod that will be set before accepting the project.

Restored Rods

I will occasionally offer restored rods for sale and these will be priced when they are listed together with full descriptions.

Delivery Times

When accepting a commission I will let you have my best estimate of the timescale for completion and I will always try to meet this estimate. If a rod is needed for some specific fixed date please advise at the time of placing the order. If it becomes apparent that I will not meet the target delivery date I will advise you as soon as this is clear and advise a revised timescale.

The average timescale for delivery of new rods is currently 8 months but varies according to the number of orders received. For restoration work each project will be assessed individually but fitted in to my overall programme of work.

Each rod takes an average of over 50 hours of work to complete, and this is spread over several weeks so it is clear that my delivery timescale will vary dependant on workload and can change significantly if several orders are received at the same time. My estimates will always be my best assessment and work will be done in the sequence it is received, subject to the practicalities of the fabrication process.

Please bear in mind that there is only me and I already work long hours and most weekends so accelerating production is not really viable. In order to ensure quality at a reasonable cost I need some grace on the other variable which is time.

I have always believed in the adage that there are 3 aspects to any project, quality, cost and time and as the old saying goes "pick which two you would like?" I make that choice simple the price is the best I can manage as is the quality, time therefore has to be flexible. Delivery dates are not guaranteed.


In the first instance a phone call or exchange of e-mails to establish your requirements is the best way but once I am clear on what is wanted I will send you a written specification either as an e-mail attachment or by post.
I will happily forward information on proprietary items to assist your choice and reference to my links page will provide a lot of useful suppliers details.

Alternatively you can visit me to discuss requirements and to examine and try out some of my rods. This is an excellent aid to decision making and to ensuring that you get what you are after.


A small non refundable deposit of £50 is payable at the time of placing an order to be sent with a copy of the rod specification that I will provide. I provide a series of progress photographs during construction and when the rod is ready I will send finished photographs and request final payment, this must be received before the rod is released.

I accept cash on collection or personal cheques - made out to Gary Marshall - that must clear before collection. Overseas customers can pay by bank transfer although using Paypal is acceptable for deposits. Payment may be made direct to my e mail address.
I also accept payment by bank transfer for UK customers.

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If when you receive your rod you find that its construction or finish is in any way unsatisfactory you may return the rod, in the condition it was delivered, within one week of receipt and I will refund the purchase cost and your postage costs. This has only happened once in over two hundred rods.

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