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FE Thomas 7ft 6in #3/4

A delightful dry fly rod that casts a 3 or a 4. Derived from an original FET taper for a 7ft rod. I first made one of these many years ago and it has proven to be its owners favourite rod.

It is a nodeless rod in blonde cane whipped in pale gold tipped black using snake brand bronze rings. The butt ring has a nickel silver frame and a banded agate liner.

The handle is reverse half wells from selected flor grade cork and the reel seat is by Hispeed in Sweden and has a bronze finish. The insert is vacuum impregnated Bocote.


The rod is currently finished in full gloss varnish but I am prepared to polish it back to satin if that is preferred. It is for sale at £785 including bag, tube, ferrule stopper and delivery in the UK. This represents a £50 discount off the list price and free delivery so a saving of £75 in total.




Garrison 206. Now sold, sorry.

At 7ft 6in to cast a 4 or a 5 this is one of the most popular tapers ever produced.  It has been mildly modified to stiffen the cane before the grip which a gives a slightly crisper action whilst taking nothing away for the style of the original.

It is made from flamed cane with Garrison pattern noding and is fitted with high grade nickel alloy ferrules, blued and lacquered.

The handle is to the Garrison pattern as are the reel seat fittings.  The cork is made from selected Flor grade 1/4" shives, no filling required.  In place of a trim ring the transition from cane to cork is made with the classic Garrison style silk wrap and a  traditional keeper ring is fitted.  The insert is impregnated Red Mallee Burr.

The rings are grey TIC coated by H&H with an agate lined butt ring.

Whippings are in a wine coloured silk with dark tips.  The rod is finished in top grade spar varnish polished back to a satin finish.

The rod will be supplied in a partitioned rod bag in a custom made aluminium tube.







Fosters "The Brook" Now sold, sorry.


Personally I think that "The Brook" is a poor description for an 8ft 6in 5 weight but that does not alter the fact that this is a very usable rod.

Like many of the Fosters rods that I've seen it is very Hardy like.  The reel seat being an obvious example but the taper is also very CC de France like.

It will cast a line weight either  side of the 5 but leans more towards the 6 than the 4.

Overall condition is good, quite straight with fairly tight ferrules and the overall varnish is good.  The rings are well worn but not corroded so it is OK to use as it is.  If I was keeping it I would put on new rings including a tip top and a slightly larger agate butt ring.  Re-whipping the ferrules and re-blue them. Comes with the makers bag which is fine but written on by the past owner.

For sale 7ft 9in #4/5 Now sold, sorry.

This is a dark to mid flamed rod finished in spar varnish polished back to satin.

The taper is based on one of George Maurer's rods.  George who passed away a few years ago was an American rod maker and with Bernard Elser he wrote what I consider to be one of the best "how to" books on split cane rodmaking, "Fundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly-Rod".  I recommend it to the people that I teach.  I have worked on a number of his rods over the years so this is my tribute to him.


The rod is a fairly fast progressive action and the taper features an unusual swell in the butt.  Unusual in that occurs some way above the handle not just above the cork.  The action is tip to middle with the lower section of the butt stiffer.  It is rated for a 4 weight line and marked as such but will also cast a 5.

Whipped in antique Elephant brand silk, burgundy in colour and tipped with Pearsalls antique gold.

All metalwork on the rod is blued nickel silver.


The guides are TIC coated american  pattern snakes and the butt ring is a fine banded agate in a nickel silver frame.


The handle is a classic cigar shape made from selected flor grade cork.  The mortised reel seat features a red mallee burr insert and is a downlocking cap and ring style.


The reel seat has been modified as shown below with the butt cap knurling at the reel foot entry.


8ft 0in #5 Leonard 50DF Now sold, sorry



Now sold, for the second time!   A brand new blond fly rod as pictured.  The rod casts a DT5 line although as is typical for cane rods it could handle a line weight either side.

Built from very clean blond cane and whipped in Chestnut silk with Dark Brown tipping, the silk is finished translucent.  The whole rod has been varnished with a high grade spar varnish and hand polished back to a silk finish.

The ferrule set is a modified Super Z pattern of my design and manufacture made from a high strength nickel alloy, blued.

The snake guides are Hopkins and Holloway american pattern in chrome finished stainless steel and the nickel silver framed agate butt ring is hand made by me.

The handle is from Flor grade cork in a reverse half wells pattern to suit the uplocking reel seat.  The reel seat metalwork is by Lemke concepts and the Mallee burr insert is turned by me.

This is nominally a dry fly rod but will handle single nymph happily.  It is a fairly fast progressive taper which can cast delicately whilst having power in the butt.  Its taper is based on the rod that I have used as a go to rod for the last 12 years and I've made it for several anglers in this country and in Norway.






8ft 6in Dickerson 8615 Now sold, sorry.

This is very much a big fish rod, in the UK it would suit stalking large trout in waters like Dever Springs.  That said it is quite easy to cast with either a DT6 or WF7 line.
It is 8ft 6in long and fitted with a Winston style full wells grip.  It is made from very pale blond cane and is part hollow built.

The ferrule set is high grade nickel silver, blued.  The reel seat has an uplocking screwlock with titanium colour anodising and an Amboyna burr insert.  The intermediate snakes are grey TIC coated and the butt ring is a generously sized pale grey agate.
Whipped in translucent finished tan silk with black tips.

Finished in marine spar varnish polished back to satin.

Supplied with an ebony ferrule stopper and a partitioned cloth bag.





8ft GR taper rod for sale NOW SOLD sorry.





I made this rod a few years ago for an angler on the Cressbrook and Litton Waters.  It is ideally suited for all medium sized rivers whether dry fly or single nymphing.  Medium fast taper.

The owner returned the rod for me to sell as he is moving abroad but in the process he accidentally broke the tip.  As the rod has not been heavily used it made sense to replace the tip with new cane re-using the existing ferrule and guides.  New tip ring.  So in practical terms this is a virtually new rod.

Made from very clean blond cane with a satin/soft gloss finish, the guides are bronze Snake brand although most of the bronze has worn off which is typical.  The handle is RHW pattern and the reel seat is by REC.  The reel seat insert is spalted burr elm.  Blued nickel silver ferrule and agate lined butt ring.

The rod is marked as a 5 weight but will also happily cast a #4.

Dickerson 7012 SOLD


New and unused this lovely rod is just ready for some late season fishing.  It is a 7ft 0in #4 to the well respected Dickerson 7012 taper and comes with two matched tips.  It is supplied in a partitioned rod bag and comes complete with custom made aluminium tube.  As with most Dickersons it is a fairly fast actioned rod but nicely balanced and with a smooth casting stroke.


Conventionally built from blonde cane the rod is oil impregnated giving a satin finish.  It is fitted with snake brand bronze guides and an agate lined stripper, whipping is in clear silk with contrasting silk at ferrules.  The realseat is a downlocking screwlock by Struble in nickel silver featuring a very fine burr insert.  The classic cigar shaped handle is from the best flor grade cork.


The rod is for sale for £795 plus p&p.  SOLD If you would like a full specification and/or further pictures please let me know. 

The rods illustrated on this page will give some insight into the sort of rods I build but as most of my time is spent on restoration work and building rods on commission there are rarely rods up for sale. I keep the pictures of sold rods here just by way of illustration.

Having a rod built for your particular requirements costs no more than a listed new rod and will certainly be worth the wait. If you fancy one that has now been sold I can build you another one with fittings to suit your taste.

If you are not sure what you need I will be happy to suggest some options.

For an unbiased opinion an article from Fly Fishing and Fly Tying- where the rod shown below is reviewed - is reproduced on the articles page.

GR Special Dry Fly taper, 7ft 6in #4/5 - SOLD

Image: GR special detail

I have re-acquired this rod see sale details below. The description is as it was originally listed and still holds good today.

This is a fast action Dry fly rod designed for fishing the upstream sections of the Derbyshire Rivers such as the Wye. It is particularly suited to the tighter stretches but will cast over 20 yards if required. It will form neat loops cast a short or long line with ease and accuracy and is suited to 4 or 5 weight double taper lines.

At 7ft 6in it is long enough to manage the marginal vegetation and works well under and around the numerous trees. It is finished in a hand rubbed varnish giving a soft gloss finish.

On its first outing this taper took 8 fish in an evening including Browns Rainbows and Grayling in Monsal Dale, its effectiveness is well proven.

The taper - which is particularly suited to those used to graphite rods - has also been built with good results at 8ft for those seeking a slightly longer rod.

The rod is blond and built in the nodeless style. It is fitted with an uplocking reel seat by REC mounted on a very fine Mallee Burl insert. The ferrule is titanium for lightness and the snakes are titanium alloy "recoil".

The whippings are translucent light olive tipped with olive giving an elegant and subtle finish. The handle is flor grade built and turned on the rod shaft.

Image: GR handle

Sale Details - SOLD



GR Special taper, 8ft 0in #5 - SOLD



Sale Details - SOLD

6ft 6in #4 Midge rod SOLD

One for the small streams. A nice crisp actioned rod that still flexes deep enough to offer good feel for those tight space casts.

Constructed of nodeless blond cane with a soft gloss finish it is immaculate, no marks on the finish. The handle and reel seat are all flor grade cork to a Garrison style over whipped at the front and with a Nickel Silver down locking sliding ring reel seat.

It is straight and casts perfectly.

Dark agate lined butt ring, bronze snakes with no wear. Whipped Antique Gold tipped black.

It is fitted with a blued Nickel Silver ferrule set which is as tight as the day I fitted it.

If I was handed this rod and asked to comment on its condition I would say it was unused. I know however that it actually landed a fine fish first time out on the Yorkshire streams, it appears to have seen little action since then.


Sale Details

Cross taper, nodeless - Sorry, sold

Image: Rod and creel

8ft-6in fast action hollow built. SOLD

A gave this rod a couple of outings to see how well it fulfilled the design intention as a stillwater rod. Casting over 25 yards reached the fish and felt best with a weight forward 7 although it would actually handle an 8! It is therefore being sold as used although it is as new.

Image: Old and new


8ft 6inch extra fast taper to my design for a 6/7 weight. Hollow built in the butt and lower third of the tip. This a rod that can really cast, responds well to double haul and makes an excellent still water rainbow rod.

Weight is 5 1/2 ozs and the balance is perfect.

Ringed with Hopkins and Holloway black DLC guides and a blued nickel silver agate stripper with a great colour.

Silk work is scarlet tipped with black but on this flamed cane the result is a fantastic blood red. Overall effect is very elegant.

Reel seat is my own internally threaded design with a well figured Olive wood insert and butt button.

Detail photographs

Sale details. SOLD

Three very different rods

Image: 3 rods

From left to right these rods are:

A 7ft 3in fast action dry fly rod for a 5 weight. Intended for use in the 10 to 18 yard range this rod can cast very tight loops and is suited to dry fly or single nymph fishing on rivers. Blond finish with titanium ultra lightweight ferrule. Rings are fine wire snakes whipped in light olive tipped with highland green. The reel seat is my own cap and ring set with a yew insert. Rod weight 3 3/8 ozs.

A 7ft 9in medium to slow action rod, the "Para 14" with a flamed finish. Rings are black finished and the rod is whipped in my signature colours of antique gold tipped with black that look very elegant on a flamed rod. Reel seat is an REC uplocking anodised aluminium pattern with a very fine spalted burr elm insert. Very smooth casting rod one for the fluid artistic style of caster. Rod weight 3 7/8 ozs.

On the right is Paul Youngs "Para 15" taper. A powerful 8ft rod for a 5/6 weight line. As with the 14 this has a through action, flexing down to the butt, but this is medium rather than medium slow and much more powerful. Fitted with bronze finish snake guides and whipped in a dark burgundy silk. The reel seat is REC with highly figured burr elm insert. Rod weight 4 3/4 ozs.

The two flamed rods have blued nickle silver, agate lined butt rings, plum coloured on the Para 14 and white on the 15. The blond rods butt ring is lined with jade and the frame is kept bright.

Further details of thes rods can be found below.

Image: Left to Right, rods 5, 4 and 3 butt rings

From left to right these are "Para 15", "Para 14" and Blond Dry fly rod. A clear agate, a plum coloured agate and a jade liner.

Fast action dry fly. SOLD

Image: Jade ring

Nickel silver butt ring lined with jade on this blond dry fly rod.

Image: Dry fly butt

Cigar shaped grip in high grade cork. This rod has a very crisp tip action and casts very tight loops. The taper was developed from a Tournament rod and it makes a very accurate, light, well balanced rod.

Sale details - Sorry sold

Midge rod

This was a one piece Midge rod, 6ft long. It is now a 2 piece 6ft Midge rod and non the worse in casting terms particularly as an ultralight weight titanium ferrule has been used. It will be re-whipped and re-finished.

The action is fast progressive ideal for close range work but it can throw a line over 18m. more if you want to prove a point!

Weighs about 3 ozs and casts a 4/5 weight double taper line with considerable zest and finesse.

Image: Midge rod

Image: reel seat

Sale details SOLD

Now sold after a complete re-finish.

7ft 9in Paul Young "Para 14" taper - SOLD

Para in this case stands for parabolic and this stems from a discussion of a style of rod popularised by Charles Ritz who favoured a rod that flexed deep into the butt section. The term parabolic was coined - by Everett Garrison -when referring to the shape of the rods stress curve. Paul Young designed and made a famous series of rods with their sizes defined by the ferrule number, in this case 14 for 14/64". The most well known exponent of the style was perhaps Pezon and Michel in France and Hardys CC de France taper is of the same style. All of these rods are characterised by medium or slow actions due to the degree of flexing, however it should not be inferred that they are poor casters indeed they lay out a very straight line.

The Para 14 is a rod that cannot be rushed but repays a smooth style when it feels like it is casting itself.

Image: Para 14 signature wraps

Image: spalted burr elm insert

The Para 14 is fitted with this fabulous spalted Burr Elm reel seat insert turned and fitted to an up locking REC reel seat. The spalting leaves the visible black line but the wood then needs to be stabilised by impregnation after which it is oil finished.

Sale details

This Para 14 has now been sold.

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